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Carmel Racquet Club


Carmel Racquet Club Childcare

While you are enjoying your tennis or exercising, you can be assured that your children will be cared for in a cheerful, safe and secure setting. The Carmel Racquet Club nursery is open from 8 am to 3 pm Monday through Friday. On snow days call CRC to make sure the nursery is open. The Carmel Racqet Club reserves the right to adjust the nursery hours as needed.

All children six years old and younger must be in the nursery unless attended by an adult. (Our whirlpools and swimming pool are dangerous to little ones.) Please check in at the nursery desk prior to leaving your child. The fee is $4.00 a child per hour. There is a five minute allowance for drop-off and a ten minute allowance for pick-up. Any stay extended beyond ten minutes will be charged an additional half hour . The nursery staff will provide the parent with a check-out slip to take to the front desk.

Please Pick up your children promptly as our staff leaves at 3:00 sharp to pick up their own children.

When area schools are closed because of bad weather, please call CRC to see if the nursery will be open. Bad weather also keeps some of our staff from coming into work.

Bottles and sippee cups are allowed, but MUST be labeled. Food or lunches are allowed only for children staying for CIWITL matches.

Shoes and/or socks MUST be worn at all times in the Nursery.

Label all your child's items--bags, diapers, etc.

PLEASE, PLEASE help us limit the spread of illness. Children with a fever, frequent coughing, vomitin and/or diarrhea should not be brought to the Nursery. The nursery staff reserves the right to refuse a child who we think is ill. If you child is unable to attend school for medical reasons, do not bring them to the Nurser.

If your child cries beyoond 15 minutes and ALL attempts to pacify him/her have failed, we will notify you immediately.

We appreciate tidy children and will change diapers as needed. Please label your diaper bag.

Nursery policies and procedures are available at the Nursery Desk





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