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Summer Tennis Tips

With summer tennis just around the corner, there are a few things you need to remember before playing in the great outdoors.  These tips will help when dealing with the elements.

1.  Wash your hands with hot soap and water before you play.  Lotions are awful on your grip when you start to sweat.  Soap will dry up the oils and let you hold the racquet more securely.

2.  Bring plenty to drink.  Water is good but half water and half sports drink is better.  The sports drinks are too sweet but cutting it with half water makes it perfect.

3.  When you start to warm up, walk to the side of the court that has the wind blowing against you or the sun in your face.  You always want to warm up in the worst elements so there are no surprises when you have the first change over.

4.  When spinning the racquet for serve or side, it is always an advantage to serve first.  If your opponent wins the toss and decides to serve, you want the worst side first.  You’ll switch after the first game and get the good side more often.   

5.  If you play with a lefty or have one player that serves much better than the other, remember you can always “defer” if you win the toss.  That will make your opponent choose serve or side first.  The advantage is you can then set your rotation of serves to have your better server go first AND serve with or against the wind and/or sun as you desire.

6.  DRINK, DRINK, DRINK.   Have plenty of liquid in you system BEFORE you start a hot match.  Drinking while you play is important but you don’t want to have to catch up with hydration.  Drink before you play.

Look forward to playing in the heat and wind.  It can be your advantage if you are prepared.  These tips will help you to use the elements rather than fight against them.  Good Luck!



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